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"Laura is an amazing healer. Her little outdoor patio is a beautiful and calming oasis surrounded by trees and plants."
Laura Brunow runs a treehouse-like outdoor Reiki studio in the Mission Bernal neighborhood of
San Francisco.

The lush and leafy environment creates space for deep relaxation and support, and a heated massage table and cozy blankets make it an all-season experience.

Laura Brunow is a second-generation healer who has lived and breathed Reiki since January 2018. She's a certified Reiki practitioner with Reiki Centers of America and is dedicated to her daily Reiki self-practice. In June 2024 she'll complete a two year Reiki Master apprenticeship and will begin teaching in Fall 2024.

She applies her experience doing event design for organizations like Pinterest and the SFMOMA to creating a memorable experience for every client. She's also a community herbalist who studied with Scarlet Sage and North American Institute of Medical Herbalism.

Most importantly, she has an incredible passion for helping her clients live their best lives!


Reiki Patio is in the Mission/Bernal neighborhood of SF, close to the 24th St and Mission BART Station. You'll be given the exact address in your calendar invite upon booking.

Once you arrive, I'll buzz you into the gate and meet you in an outdoor breezeway. Then we have a quick walk up an indoor stairway on our way to the outdoor Reiki Patio. On the patio there will be a stool for you to set your items on. Then you can take your shoes off and lie down on your back on the heated massage table. Reiki is performed fully clothed, and sheets and blankets on top add to an extra cozy experience.

My lineage of Reiki has taught us to place hands directly on the body to transfer Reiki energy. I cover the torso, hips, knees, ankles, heart, head, and neck in that order (and have the client flip onto their back for a 90 minute session). People generally feel Reiki as either hot, cold, or vibration. Clients frequently mention that they “go somewhere else” which I take to mean that the body has gone into a deep relaxation state (parasympathetic system engaged) which is very nourishing to all body systems.​ By the end of the session, my clients are usually deeply relaxed or feeling a little altered.

I recommend drinking lots of water, eating nourishing food, and avoiding intoxicants for the rest of the day. Most people tend to sleep well and eliminate often after a session, and some people feel “sparkly” for up to a few days after. People sometimes notice transformations in their lives as well. I can’t explain this but it’s something I’ve seen over and over again!

Like any therapy, more benefit can be derived from more visits. My teacher recommends at least 4 visits, as the body "first session hears, second listens, third integrates, and fourth comes to homeostasis." Some people, especially those in the caring professions or on the brink of a big life transition, choose to invest in Reiki as a longer term support in their lives and come weekly or bi-weekly for a period.