“I am very particular about who I see for energy work. Laura has the touch.” —AT

Laura Miner runs a treehouse-like Reiki studio out of her home in the Mission Bernal neighborhood of San Francisco.

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Laura combines Reiki and sound therapy (binaural beats) in a lush and leafy environment to create space for deep relaxation and support. A heated massage table and cozy blankets make it an all-season experience.

Laura Miner standing at a massage table on a sunlit patio with flowers and trees behind her.

When not giving Reiki, Laura runs a small creative studio focusing on experiences. Her clients include the SFMOMA, Design Dept., Pinterest, Levi’s, and Dropbox.

What happens when you visit the Reiki Patio

Getting here

You can BART, bus, walk, bike, or drive to the Reiki Patio, which is near the 24th St and Mission BART Station in San Francisco. You can park your car in my driveway or your bike in my breezeway (behind a gate).


Once you arrive, you’ll put your stuff down and take your shoes off in my home office which is right off the entry way. We’ll share some water or tea and discuss what you’d like to get out of the session. This might mean focusing on specific aches and pains, anxieties or depressions, or any other mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues. I’m not a trained talk therapist, so I’ll mostly listen during this time and do my best to integrate your needs into your session. Sometimes just saying things out loud can help you and your body focus on something in your session.


From there you’ll lie down on your back on the heated massage table on my tree-lined deck. Reiki is performed fully clothed, and sheets and blankets on top add to an extra cozy experience. I also offer a bolster under the knees, a lavender eye pillow, and noise cancelling headphones with meditative music or whatever you want to listen to.

My lineage of Reiki has taught us to place hands directly on the body to transfer Reiki energy. (Some lineages prefer to hover over the body.) I start at the bottom of the rib cage and go around the body, hovering over or skipping sensitive or personal areas. I cover the torso, hips, knees, ankles, heart, head, and neck in that order before having the client flip onto their back. Then I go from the back of the head to the shoulders, all of back, hover over tailbone, back of knees, and then bottom of feet. People generally feel either hot, cold, or vibration as I go through the different positions. Clients frequently mention that they “go somewhere else” which I take to mean that the body has gone into a deep relaxation state (parasympathetic system engaged) which is very nourishing to all body systems.

After all the positions, I do a quick energy clearing technique and then the session is over. I take off the headphones and bring the client a glass of water while they come back to Earth. The client is usually deeply relaxed or feels altered at this point. Everyone is a little different and a little similar in their reaction to the Reiki. At this point, I ask for any questions or comments about the session. I might also tell the client any observations I made.

After the session

I recommend drinking lots of water, eating nourishing food, and avoiding intoxicants for the rest of the day. Most people tend to sleep well and eliminate often after a session, and some people feel “sparkly” for up to a few days after. People sometimes notice transformations in their lives as well. I can’t explain this but it’s something I’ve seen over and over again!

When to come back

Clients frequently ask me how often they should come back. I asked my mom (also an energy worker) about this and she said she generally suggests the following: “Ask the client to tune into their higher self / body / spirit guides / wisdom and ask it that question. Come back when it says to.” I thought this was a great answer.

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